Precision valve ball repair


Spherical Grinding Services, Valve Ball Repair & Manufacturing from DK Machine

DK Machine offers spherical grinding services: utilizing multiple computerized automated spherical grinders to ensure consistent accuracy, for small and large runs. In addition to basic spherical grinding, as a quality valve ball manufacturer we can apply and grind many platings or coatings, depending on your exact needs. DK Machine's Quality Control System complies to MIL-I-45208A standards.

DK Machine's Spherical Grinding Services include:

  • Spherical grinding to 24" diameter

  • .0004 roundness

  • Finishes to 4 micro inch

    • Materials include

      • Stainless Steel

      • Steel

      • Brass

      • Titanium

      • Monel®

      • Nickel Alloys

Spherical gringing services from DK Machine

  A spherical grinder at DK Machine

 Valve ball repair, spherical grinding, plating and finishing.

Valve ball coatings include chrome, tungsten carbide, nickel, Stellite

  • Valve Ball Coatings

    • Teflon®

  • Hard Coatings: HVOF, Plasma, Thermo spray, Fused

    • Materials include:

      • Chrome Carbide

      • Tungsten Carbide

      • Nickel Boron

      • Stellite®

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