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Custom Valve Ball Seats

DK Machine is one of the leading providers of custom valve ball seats. Since 1985, we've provided stainless steel valve balls, titanium valve balls, valve seats, and spherical grinding services.

We manufacture custom valve balls for the military, petroleum, mining, chemical and pulp and paper industry from materials that include titanium, stainless steel,  Inconel® and nickel alloys. Coatings and platings include chrome and electroless nickel, Teflon and many hard coatings including carbides and spray infused coating.

Our precision Component Mating System (CMS) Program at DK Machine provides matched custom valve ball and valve seat sets to ensure maximum performance. Our custom valve seats are individually cast to best serve our customers using high quality materials, including titanium and nickel alloys.

If you're looking for a trusted custom valve ball manufacturer in the U.S., call us today at (518) 747-0626 or contact us online for more information.

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DK Machine -- (518) 747-0626

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